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Free RAC cover

posted Aug 30, 2012, 2:26 AM by Simon Kirkman
We have been informed that many associates are not taking advantage of the free RAC cover offered to new associates, so here are a few details to help associates take advantage. The following is a message from head office...

Many IAM Associate members are delighted to receive their free 12 months RAC Roadside and Recovery cover and activate it soon after receiving it. However a recent telephone survey of associates revealed that some of our members have not activated their cover yet. Here is a quick guide to the most common questions and reasons why IAM associates are not using their free cover voucher.

'I was not aware of the offer'
A number of Associates were not aware of the free offer despite the details being in their joining pack. Please take every opporuntiy to mention to your recent associates about the free offer.

'I already have cover with the RAC or someone else'
In this instance just inform the associate that if they call the RAC and advise them of their expiry date their free cover can begin immediately after the current cover expires. The RAC team will explain all this in detail 08000 514536.

'I just don't want breakdown cover'
As strange as it may seem some members simply don't want to accept the free brekadown cover. In this instance they can pass on the benefit and free cover to another family member.

Around 3,000 free vouchers have been distributed and only a few hundred redeemed so far. Let's help our Associate members benefit fully from this outstanding offer from the IAM and the RAC.

If you have any questions then please contact IAM Customer Care on 0845 126 8600.