-About the Courses

Each course is structured to last up to 12 weeks. We allocate you several different Observers during the course to offer you the widest possible range of experience available.
A list of our course start dates can be found below.

Course Number

Enrolment & Introduction


First Observed Drive




Meet An Examiner



16th Jan 17


22nd Jan 17

13th Feb 17



10th April 17


16th April  17

8th May 17

21st June 2017


3rd July 17


9th July 17

31st July 17

13th Sept 17


25th Sept 17


1st Oct 17

23rd Oct 17

6th Dec 17

Evening sessions are held at Chorley Community Fire Station:-

West Way




Observed drives take place every Sunday morning at 10.15 on Union Street car park (also known as the Flat-Iron car park), next to the entrance to Market Walk by Iceland. The postcode is PR7 1DE. (Get directions opposite) Weekday drives can be arranged for those who find they are previously committed on Sundays. 

We have a structured course, but can focus it on anything you may wish, such as motorways, country lanes or town centre driving. We also offer night driving sessions if associates wish for training in this area.

All drivers only ever drive their own cars; Observers demonstrate techniques in their own cars, and Associates are guided while driving their own car. Each session lasts for around an hour and a half.
The sessions will introduce advanced driving techniques, skills and ability in the following environments:-
  • Urban
  • Country
  • Motorway/Dual Carriageway
There are two classroom theory sessions, one at the beginning of the course and one half-way through. We also have a "Meet the Examiner" event, where Associates meet the IAM Police Class 1 driver who will take them through their test.
The test takes about an hour and a half including a debrief, and is Accredited by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).
If you would like to read more about the test, please click here.
Enter your postcode below for directions to our Sunday morning meeting point

Chorley IAM Meeting point