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IAM F1RST Register

The IAM F1RST Register recognises excellence during the IAM advanced driving or riding test. All members who achieve this level are also entered into the IAM's F1RST register.

Members will receive a special certificate and membership card complete with the F1RST logo.

The following members of Chorley Advanced Motorists have achieved membership of the F1RST register 

     Pass Date           Member                   Examiner
  1. 10/04/11              Michael Godsmark           Stephen Moon

  2. 28/06/11              Philip Beirne                      Stephen Moon

  3. 28/06/11              Mick McDermott              Stephen Moon

  4. 12/07/11              Kevin Massey                    Martin Ostick

  5. 05/10/11              Anne Bailey                       Stephen Moon

  6. 24/10/11              Karen Coates                    Stephen Moon

  7. 17/12/11              Andrew Brown                 Martin Ostick

  8. 10/01/12              Anthony Orrell                  Terry Martin

  9. 15/04/12              Simon Brindle                    Dennis Nicholson

  10. 20/05/12              David Delaney                   Martin Ostick

  11. 26/06/13              Robert Fitchie                    Dennis Nicholson

  12. 17/10/13              Robert Wight                     Terry Martin

  13. 11/11/13              Roger Darling                     Terry Martin

  14. 01/12/13              Sylvia Prickett                    Martin Ostick

  15. 14/03/14              Fiona Cayzer                      Terry Martin

  16. 18/05/14              Mary-Anne Parkinson      Martin Ostick

  17. 18/10/14              Thomas Insje                      Martin Ostick

  18. 26/10/14              William Evans                     Martin Ostick

  19. 01/03/15              Vicky Howarth                    Martin Ostick

  20. 01/03/15              Joasia Cybulska                  Martin Ostick

  21. 30/05/15              Andrew Planton                 Martin Ostick

  22. 13/07/15              Kevin Dodd                         Terry Martin

  23. 13/09/15              Dominic Topping                Martin Ostick

  24. 16/01/16              Peter Radcliffe                    Martin Ostick

  25. 11/06/16        Paul Barnard             Chris Edwards

  26. 22/08/16        Trevor Blanchard        Terry Martin

Congratulations to all of you!


How to get on the F1RST Register

F1RST membership is attained by taking the advanced test for car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle and achieving a score of 1 in every* category.

Existing IAM members can take a Member's Assessment in order to try and achieve the all 1s score*. 
Existing members who previously passed the test with the qualifying score within the last two years can be added to the Register retrospectively.

The F1RST Register provides a means for IAM members to improve their road skills by retaking an assessment and working on the areas where a score of less than 1 was achieved.

* Examiners have the discretion to recommend a candidate even if they score a '2' in no more than three categories ( Note: Legality and Slow Manouevring must score a '1')

F1RST with commentary clarification

The rule for a commentary drive to achieve a F1RST

There has been some inconsistency with regard to the scoring or inclusion of a commentary drive in an advanced test of F1RST standard. Here is official clarification.

To achieve a F1RST in the advanced test the drive MUST include a commentary drive that scores 1 or 2 (and meets the overall scoring rules for a F1RST).

A commentary drive although not mandatory in an advanced test must be included in the test to acheive a F1RST. 

If a commentary is NOT given during a test or if the commentary scores a 3,4 or 5 then a F1RST cannot be achieved.

Could you qualify for the F1RST Register?
Contact the IAM now if you think you qualify
Buy a driving or riding assessment (IAM members only)
Do you qualify through special exemption (Police Advanced driving or riding)?